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Campaign to Endow the Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice

W&L Law is launching a fundraising campaign to create an endowment to support the Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice (JCRSJ). The school is seeking to raise $200,000 to support the Journal in perpetuity.

The primary purpose of the endowment will be to expand the number of issues published each year, an important step to increase the visibility of the Journal in the legal academy. Current JCRSJ editor in chief Christopher Watts ‘22L notes that law professors make publication decisions in part based on the ranking of law reviews. With a ranking of 361 out of 400 law journals and a limited publishing cycle, JCRSJ can have difficulty attracting scholarship to consider for publication.

“Law review rankings are largely based on the number of people who cite to and view articles,” said Watts. “If you only publish twice a year, you limit those numbers out of the gate. Publishing more often gives JCRSJ access to more authors, better articles, and a larger audience.”

Raising the profile of the JCRSJ, and improving its ranking in the process, will lead to other positive outcomes for W&L Law students. Participation on a journal is known to improve students’ career opportunities, including opening the door to prestigious federal and state clerkships.

“Currently, three students on JCRSJ have secured highly coveted federal clerkships, with five more holding offers from large firms,” said Watts. “Fully funding the JCRSJ would only serve to increase these numbers.”

Join the Effort

For information on how to invest in the Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice and W&L Law students, current and future, contact Elizabeth Outland Branner, Assistant Dean for Law School Advancement, at or 540-458-8191.

To make a gift online to the JCRSJ endowment, visit, select “JCRSJ Endowment” from the Designation drop-down menu.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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